Trekking in the holy and majestic Himalayas will be an experience of a lifetime. As we don’t follow the regular commercial trekking routes, you will come across amazing wilderness and unspoilt nature.

The whole area of the Western Himalayas is well known for all levels of trekking. The fittest amongst you can venture deep into the Himalayan wonderland across majestic passes to the spectacular "Shangri-La’s" (ancient caves known for their magical power that stops you from growing old) that lie in the many beautiful valleys. There is also an abundance of culture and beauty for the more culturally interested hikers.

The Himalayas are a paradise for trekkers and adventure seekers and have become quite accessible thanks to the booming adventure travel. Of course we take care of all logistics. Discover Himalayas will take you to the exceptionally beautiful region of the Himalayas and offer you an experience of a lifetime.

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