Jeep Safari / Motorbike Tour

Real adventure seekers can explore areas known as "Little Tibet" in the Spiti Valley and the “Roof of the World” in the Ladakh Region. Starting off by jeep or by motorbike from our homestay in Naggar, we cross several high passes into the Indian-Tibetan plateau. This is breathtaking high mountain desert where Tibetans have retained their original culture without repression. With special permits we are allowed to pass through areas that were forbidden territory to foreign tourists until 1993.

After a few days of travelling roads accessible by jeep give way to rough terrain with fordable streams and steep rocky tracks, leading you close to glaciers and high altitude lakes. A safari into these valleys brings you into another world.

Our English speaking guides love being on the road. They will look forward to sharing their knowledge and appreciation of the area with you. The local drivers are careful and well experienced and the kitchen team make every day a feast.

Ladakh Safari : adventure on the world’s highest roads

Little Tibet Safari : breathtaking discovery of unique landscapes and Buddhist culture

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